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Do you have no idea what you're doing?

I've been reflecting on an event I hosted last year. I was lucky enough to see some amazing creative professionals chat about what they love. The honesty in the way each speaker presented was so refreshing. But one theme struck a chord with me. That no one in the room actually knew what they were doing. I mean they "knew" but for the most part they stumbled into positions, blindfolded and pretty much just rolled with the punches.

I find this true of nearly every creative I meet. We are all just winging it through life. Failing and learning and just making stuff work. It was great to see Chris Davey (Someone you could say has “made it” in the creative scene) say “I have no idea what I’m doing, I fell into this”.

Do you 100% hand on heart know what you’re doing? Do you?

Another issue you can find with seminars and talking to creatives like myself is that people spend a lot of time over thinking situations. And that’s not to say I don’t. I’m really bad at that. But people can easily elevate others to unrealistic levels. Just because someone has a title, doesn't mean you automatically can’t go to speak with them. But why do so many creatives feel like they can't? Networking is  scary I get that. Throw in some social anxiety into the mix and damn, its a tough prospect!

But I promise we are all just people stumbling through life trying to make things work. It took me a ling time to realise that! I suppose it comes down to confidence and the fear of failure. In my case, it would be fear of looking less. In saying something stupid that could make me look like a fool or that I could expose myself as being a faud. That I probably shouldn't be here in the first place! But its all a mental game.

Another reasone you could be holding yourself back is the fear of hearing that lovely word "no".

I want to quickly touch on the power of no.

Never be afraid of hearing no. Whether that be in negotiating a price, pitching, networking or asking for work. No is a part of life. It’s better to learn from it and move on. Fail fast. You gotta be persistant, just keep plugging away. I know that sounds really generic but its true. Just keep at it!

This might sound harsh. But not everyone is entitled to have a creative career just because they decided they wanted to have one.

I recently heard this on a podcast I was listening too and my jaw hit the floor! This is pure unadulterated truth. If you feel like you’re ready to quit and give up on pushing for a creative career. You probably should. “Making it” is hard. This industry is hard. Listen life is hard. And you make it harder when you are afraid to embrace failure. shy bairns get nowt afterall.

We are all on this weird journey through life. Getting rejections is a part of that. They are like pit stops that allow us to refine our process. But quitting is the destination. Quitting is the finish line. Stay on the road!

So speak to everybody. Be confident. And if you get a no. Learn from it. We’re all stumbling in the dark together.

Have a great week.